About Us

iPhone Fix Colchester opened its  first store specialising in mobile phone contracts several years ago. Operating in a market offering tariffs on a pay as you go service or longer term contracts to local customers. Starting at the beginnings we have done our greatest to go forwards and have now branched out within the communications industry to become better and we have achieved the impossible.

iphone repairs colchester about usAfter 2 years in 2007, we unequivocal and moved forward to open our own refurbishing service take advantage of all of the practise we had gained in the in the years leading up to this. We were by now awfully familiar with common issues in small device repair and could use our recently enlarged technical knowledge to repair, refurbish and rebuild mobile phones and we anticipated a growing demand for this restoration facilities. Our expertise and superior customer service have meant that our business has led usinto providing the best, leading iPhone repair service around. Building on our principle of continuous improvement we aim to continue to provide the same standard of service that we have offered from our very beginnings.

 In 2012 iphonefixcolchester.co.uk had our official launch of our flagship store, near London. We made it our mission to the go on and look for highly skilled and qualified team members to our organisation to help us keep getting better and better. We can now provide accommodation for repairs to iPad and iPods, whilst still specialising in mobile phones. We enjoy our work and this shines through. We wont turn any potential customer away no matter how big or small the problem may be.

Whilst providing a premier service our customers we now also act as an outsource for anassembly of other retailers in the local and wider area, offering out-of-house service through our website iphonefixcolchester.co.uk. Some of our B2B includes; GAME, Colchester, T Mobile, Colchester, Fonehouse, Colchester, Apple Repairs Essexand O2, Essex. Priding ourselves on high standards of quality, in 2009 we began trading internationally with a fully functional website and our online business continues to grow well. We anticipate that things will only continue to get bigger and better.